Get Outfit AI:
Fashion Recommendation Engine for your Marketplace
  • Elevate Average Order Value: Seamlessly suggest complementary pieces that customers love

  • Boost Conversion Rates: Leverage personalized styling to turn browsers into buyers

  • Drive Engagement: Keep customers returning with smart post-purchase recommendations
Personalized Styling, Powered by AI
  • +27%
    Average Order Value
  • +38%
    Conversion Rate to Purchase
* Data reflects outcomes from >5,000 Get Outfit App users and benchmarks against one of the MENA’s top fashion marketplaces

Tailored AI Solutions for Retailers
Innovate with Personalized Outfits:
Automatically create and suggest outfits from your catalog, tailored to customer preferences
Enhance product discovery with AI-curated outfits, encouraging more diverse purchases
Utilize customer purchase history to recommend matching items, increasing retention and LTV
On-Demand Outfit Generation
Enhance Checkout with "Complete the Look"
Boost Your Average Order Value with Tailored Outfit Recommendations for Every Product:

  • Smart Pairings: As customers finalize their purchases, our AI suggests complete outfits that complement their current selections.

  • Cart Size Growth: Encourage last-minute additions by showcasing how selected items can be part of a stunning outfit, increasing the total purchase value.

  • Checkout Conversion: Capitalize on the moment of commitment with relevant, personalized suggestions, reducing cart abandonment and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Capture the attention of Gen Z, the demographic at the forefront of digital fashion retail*

*70% of Gen Z leveraging GenAI tools. 60% of the fashiom market belongs to Gen Z.
Dynamic Cross-Selling
Cross-Selling: AI-Powered Precision
  • Data-Driven Cross-Sells: When a customer selects an item, our AI suggests high-impact outfit pairs that complement their choice, directly influencing purchase decisions

  • Intuitive Integration: Landing Page CopyBlend seamlessly with existing product pages, carts, and checkouts
Post-Purchase Upselling
Redefine Email | SMS | Whatsapp Marketing

Drive your Retention, and Conversion Rate, by leveraging Get Outfit recommendation service to your automated e-mail campaigns:

Ensure that your Message not only reaches its mark but Makes an Impact: Add dynamic product recommendations to emails based on a user’s browsing history, past purchases, what they might like, and other behaviours
Integrate and Customize with Ease
Simple API Integration
All we need connect the Get Outfit Recommendation Engine to your platform — is your product feed
Customizable Interface
Align the look and feel of our recommendation engine with your brand.
Expand Your Reach
List your store in our B2C app and tap into a new revenue stream
Collaborate with Influencers
Benefit from our 'Outfit for Creators' program to widen your audience
Resources to Start with
  • One-to-One
    Client Discussions
    Personalized consultations ensure a tailored solution
  • Existing Domain
    & Hosting
    Make the most of your current infrastructure and stacks

  • Sample Data
    (in any format)
    Seamless data integration for your project
  • Transparent
    Be involved with clear milestones and approvals at every step

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